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Only if it's Fun

Fun? Let’s get real - it’s a word that most of us leave behind in our childhood … along with goofy, joyful, silly …


But the Truth is,  life is supposed to be fun and full of joy. If you don't believe me, this message might be for you … 


The truth is life is designed to be fun. However, in a world filled with responsibilities, deadlines, and obligations, the notion of finding fun in every aspect of life becomes increasingly elusive. 


But what if we could change that with just a simple mindset shift? What if this mindset shift could change how we experience life - turning what used to be a daily chore into something playful and full of joy? 


The truth is we get to choose how we perceive life. 

So, what are you choosing? 


It’s particularly true regarding how we approach our tasks and work; it all comes down to your mindset. 

There are those days when we feel we simply have to rush from A to B to “get through” the project, meeting, or assignment. We are trudging through wet mud, marching on like a good soldier. 


Most days, we don’t slow down to ask inside what we really need.  Instead, we keep moving ahead without paying attention to why or how. 


When we do this, we skip out on our own golden information. The Golden information is our truth - if we listen closely, we can feel it inside, telling us what we need, want, and desire. 

So - how do we shift?!  

Look, there are things we HAVE to do. For example, I need to dive into cleaning up my QuickBooks for 2023, and it keeps going to the bottom of the list because - I DON'T WANT TO! But what is so bad about that task? The truth is, I am just making up a story inside that I don’t know how/ that it will be hard/ that I hate it … 


And with that kind of attitude, it's true! 


Operating from these places inside ourselves will not produce the best results. We are efforting and “trying really hard,” which is the opposite of embracing the flow state. 


If I am honest with myself, once I get into “play mode” (which takes a little time- 15 minutes or so for me), I like it. It's like a game, and I can see the results unfolding. 


Here is How:

  1. Make Fun a priority. Set this intention by simply writing  “FUN” at the top of your to-do list. (Even do that with fun writing in a new color or font with loopy letters! - why not ?!)


  1. Get into action! That is what gets us through the mud of our mind that is making up stories/lies - when we know there is something we HAVE to do, yet there is resistance, there is always fear behind the scenes, “I am terrible at this” / “I'm going to mess this up” / “I don't know how!”  


  1. Realize that there is a mean girl inside (link to last week's article here:  


And then - drop it. 


Say goodbye and move on. 


So, remember it's a simple decision to decide to have fun. I often talk about Above the line vs Below the line. Momentum occurs when we get into a flow state. We get to approach it knowing it will be fun/ choosing fun because whatever we do, we should only do it if it is fun (my new motto).


At the moment, I am sitting in my office typing this out at 7:57 pm with a song I  LOVE playing and giving me energy. I smile and start hitting the keys on my laptop as I sip a glass of rose, enjoying every second of writing these mindful moments for you (Instead of the below the line version … where I trudge through the mud at 9 am to write a newsletter because I “have” to … who even wants to read a newsletter written like that?!)


The bottom line is - it’s all about our mindset and the story we tell ourselves. 


You have the power to choose and create whatever you want! 


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