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The Waves of Life

After being on retreat in Costa Rica last week, I decided to stay a few extra days to enjoy surfing before settling back into the reality of winter. These additional few days were designed to give me time to integrate the information from the retreat into my life (more on that soon!) and rest before going home to wrap up all I want to complete in 2023.

This morning, while surfing, I received a great lesson in life.

As I paddled out through the waves, it felt like I was in a washing machine being tossed like a ragdoll. I would come to the surface gasping for air and trying to find my surfboard again, and just as soon as I came up, another wave would come crashing down on me. I was struggling against the waves, attempting to “get through.” Obscene words flew out of my mouth as I yelled at the waves —

“WHAT THE %@#$ !!!!!”

… it was NOT pretty!

The waves unapologetically showed me who was the boss and served as a not-so-gentle reminder that to survive, I had to shift from operating in my fear-based mind to operating from my intuitive heart center.

As I shifted out of fear, I heard a whisper from deep inside:

“Don’t fight it. Relax and allow the waves to guide you.”

After that moment, navigating the waves became easier. I discovered that I could slow down and wait for the sets of big waves to pass; there would be an opening of calm, letting me move forward WITH the waves.

I was truly in the flow.

Life is like this: when things feel difficult, and we face a lot of resistance, the only way through is to slow down and listen deep inside for answers, creating space for a new way to emerge.

Another way to think about this is when we are pushing from our fear-based mind, trying to figure things out versus listening from our heart. For you, it may be a project at work, a difficult conversation with a family member, or a goal you are not hitting. Try to surrender and re-direct, acting from your heart, not your worried mind.

When I feel like it is hard and spinning my wheels, I can now recognize that my actions are being driven by fear and wanting to get it “right” on my terms, according to "The Plan". But now I know that if I surrender - if I take a deep breath, step back, and trust myself to listen - I can always find my way.

When I came from my heart with the waves, the ocean kissed me back and quickly carried me where I needed to go - a beautiful lesson to always hold close.

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