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Listen to the sparkle inside

Do you feel like you need a few extra days to ease into the New Year? 

Decompressing from the business of the holiday season can take a while … I totally get it!


As we re-enter “normal life” again, it's important to slow down and settle into the energy that comes with a new year, to take time and allow ourselves to reset & really feel into our intentions and desires for 2024. By taking this time, we allow ourselves to feel our Truth. To listen to what we really need. 


So, if you're feeling a bit slow and like “New Year, New Me” will take you sometime - that's how it should be! Give yourself the space to slowly enter this year, taking the time to Listen.  


You may be feeling a little tender; I know I am. Where I am has a melancholic feeling - that slow, almost sad feeling. I am being more truthful with myself in a deeper way than ever before. Being someone who is an overachiever, it feels wildly uncomfortable NOT to be compulsively driving towards the next thing. I still have that tiny voice in the back of my head trying to convince me that I should have goals and drive to do things I should accomplish. 


But in my heart, I know - that voice is 100% garbage.


If I slow down and become aware of this belief, I know I am in my head - the subconscious mind, also known as:  

This part of me is dissolving, and honestly, it hurts!  


I know that the inspiration to create the 2024 of my dreams can't come from the old me. My Ego is the voice trying to keep me safe, not the voice guiding me towards my truth. To live my fullest life, I need to tune into the little sparkle inside that has been with me all my life yet often gets ignored.


What I have learned has come from years of patiently making space to reconnect with myself instead of rushing on to the next event, taking the time to listen to the little sparkle inside guiding me Home. But hearing this Truth requires total honesty - and it’s hard!  It requires coming back to awareness over and over.  It requires bravery and facing fears; whether they are big fears, like solo hiking the Colorado Trail, or small fears, like saying “No”  when I feel societal pressure to always say Yes to more and more. Showing up in this unknown territory can feel scary, but if I want to move forward and be more authentic, this is what it takes. 


Inspiration comes from listening inside to your Truth. Allow the tenderness to be felt, and let yourself be guided by that little sparkle that always knows The Way.


This year, I want you to know that your dreams matter. And it's not about things or goals; following your dreams is about tuning into the feelings & experiences you want to create this year. That is the Magic. 


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