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The Mean Girl inside

I don't know about you, but that mean girl in my head is LOUD today. She is relentless with her condescending comments in a snide voice that I know all too well. She is that word we hate to say, “beeaaatch” with a capital B!


My Mean Girl, or MG for short, says all sorts of things that are not helpful. Maybe some of these common ones sound familiar: 

You are not good enough.

You say the dumbest things.

They are going to be sooooooooooo mad at you.

You are so selfish.

You are too old.

You are not lovable.

You are not as good as them.

        And my favorite

“Don't do it! You are going to FAIL!”


MG's condescending comments, echoing with familiarity, attempted to discourage me from expressing myself. This internal dialogue, filled with self-doubt and negativity, is a common struggle we all face—the MG within, attempting to shield us from potential harm. But when she does this, she also puts a big stop sign before us while we travel the road to our dreams, desires, and passions. Our inspiration fizzles….

Lately, I have been exploring the nature of this mean girl residing within me. Previously, she would guide me effortlessly, directing my life's journey according to her wishes. I felt like a marionette puppet dancing through my life at her discretion. It wasn't until I started to observe the mean girl's thoughts that I  could see her from a new perspective. So what did I do about her? 


I decided to befriend her.



I slow down. I get quiet. I try to understand her. I listen. I have a conversation with her (not in a mean way, but in a gentle way with self-love). I thank her.

You must be committed and decide: No more allowing this MG to hold you back!

Simple but not always easy. 

I will share all of the tools and practices that I use to overcome my MG in my upcoming virtual “Soulshop” event:

Attune to your Inspiration

On Saturday, January 27th, we will embark on a transformative journey to create an incredible 2024. Sign up on my website under events. 


PS - While I was writing this article, she screamed, “DO NOT write this!”


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