Heart Centered Leadership Programs

 Bringing women together to develop the skills to become empowered and compassionate leaders in our communities.

Advanced Leadership Circle:

Strengthening Yourself and Your Contribution 

9 Month Coaching Program

for Women in Business

Next Cohort Winter 2022

Program Includes:

Virtual Group Gatherings 2x /month - Group discussion &  Learning Modules covering practices for maximal contribution to your work, family, friends and community.   

3 Individual Coaching Sessions - 1:1 coaching with Bronwyn on your own personal development journey, checking in to see how you can MAXIMIZE the impact of our group work. 

Personal Projects + Group Workshopping - we will all be working on a main individual project and there will be opportunities to work

Resource Library -  access to our curated resource library of learning materials. 

Accountability Opportunities + Partner work - in addition to group discussion, you'll be given the opportunity to work 1:1 with the other women in the work to learn & grow together.


Customized Learning Curriculum that includes a curated set of motivating books, articles, etc to be discussed within the group.

Virtual Shared Workspace 2x /month - Virtually working alongside one another, sharing ideas, problem solving; just "be" together. 

Program Cost:  $7,500
 Includes: all materials, books, group and individual coaching sessions. 

This group will provide opportunities to:

  • Strengthening your decision making 

  • Developing more effective communication skills

  • Learning how to lead with greater neutrality

  • Experiencing more clarity in your leadership at work and at home

  • Dropping people pleasing behaviors and language 

  • Discovering your limiting patterns that stop you from getting the results you want

  • Experiencing deeper understanding of yourself and those around you

  • Distinguishing between leading and managing 

  • Claiming your gifts and strengths

Modules will include but not limited to:

  • Heart Centered Self Leadership 

  • Conscious Communication

  • Gracefully Managing Disruption

  • Leading Teams and Communities 

  • Shifting our Relationship with money

Requirements: commitment to group session, completion of assignments including, videos, articles, books

Included: all materials, books, group and individual sessions


Group space is limited, apply soon!

Women need to be powerful torchbearers now more than ever.

We are being called to come together in the midst of this unique time

to bond, learn together, share ideas and stand up as fiercely feminine leaders in our communities. In these trying times, we can

be the beacon of light, strength, hope and love.

Interested in learning more? Setup a discovery call with Bronwyn! 

Note: space is limited, so act fast!