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How to find inspiration on "busy" over scheduled days ...

What do you do when you wake up in the morning and you feel uninspired, stuck, below the line?

Today feels like one of those days for me. My calendar was full of meetings, my to-do list full of *urgent* things that I *should* do; and yet, the sky is blue and beaconing me to go outside and enjoy!

The Bronwyn who needs to get shit done to be worthy, could easily grit through this sticky feeling and muster up some manufactured motivation to push through the discomfort.

But today just for a little bit I try a new approach, one that feels gentle and nurturing. I close my eyes and slow down and ask inside “What will bring me joy, inspiration and fun into this day?”

I listen...


I take 5 minutes to look around me. There is a rainbow projected on the wall across from me and another one scattered across the floor in fragmented pieces. I have a hot cup of coffee by my side, sweetened with a spoonful of honey. There is a candle burning lightly and my fireplace is emanating heat to keep my toes warm before the arrival of the next snowstorm. I look out the window of my bedroom and see the buds of spring just barely popping out on the trees soon ready to display spring.

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” - Rabindranath Tagore

Sometimes, it's best to take a pause before we dive right into the grind - to take stock on this moment and our surroundings. To truly be present with the gift that is this moment, rathter than rushing right past it to get to the end of the to do list (which, let's face it - there's always something more to add to our never ending lists!)

Inside, I don’t resist this feeling of “uninspired,” and instead I open the door to greet it, allow it, listen to it, and be with it in gratitude. There is no pushing away and burrying it in busyness. Its here. It’s a fact.

I hold out against my habit of pushing these feelings away by getting busy, jumping into tasks, stacking my calendar, planning my day and week and month with benchmarks and goals to accomplish - and instead, I feel.

Today, I get curious, pause and go inside and give myself these sweet 10 minutes as a gift of gratitude, because this is part of life too.


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