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Vulnerability is a Super Power

This week, I did a TEDx workshop with 54 other aspiring TED speakers. I was excited to dive into this fun new world (and even more excited to be one step closer to making one of my biggest dreams come true!), but what I didn’t expect was how profound and heart-opening the experience would be.

When tasked with sharing our stories, our shadows, and our true humanness, I was honestly surprised by how painful it was at first to dig into some of my past to carve out a story that felt like it authentically captured how I came to be. I was forced to face - and share! - stories of my past trauma (some similar stories that I’ve shared here - but now, to be shared face-to-face with a group of strangers?!).

Digging into those old emotions was scary and complex but also - necessary, powerful, and inspiring.

As it was my turn to present and share MY story with the group, I felt my body tense. I felt the return of that familiar and uncomfortable pit in my stomach, a feeling that brought me back to that young, scared Bronwyn - stumbling to find her worthiness and her power. It was as if I was there all over again.

When I was done, I felt the start of a vulnerability hangover about to come on, but then something beautiful happened. A message @bronwyn popped up in the chatbox:

“Thanks for being so vulnerable. It's inspiring!”

And that message was like a breath of fresh air. It grounded me in my vulnerability and reminded me that my story is powerful, courageous, and absolutely perfect in its imperfection.

From that point out, the floodgates had opened, and everyone in our group started to share deeply & vulnerably. And it was pure magic.

It’s such a beautiful thing to witness - humans showing up and being seen for our collective humanness. Finding beauty in our flaws, strength in our stumbles, and courage in our vulnerability.

It reminded me of the power and strength we find in our Advanced Women’s Leadership Groups. Where I bring women together to be seen & heard, to inspire each other, and to lift each other. It was fun to participate in a similar space - learning more about how I want to grow my own Advanced Groups.

It is such a gift to be seen & heard by your peers. We all find the strength and courage to be deeply vulnerable and share our stories because this is our superpower.

If you’re ready to go deep into your story to unleash your power and embrace your brilliance - let’s talk! I’m excited to continue to grow this community and keep lifting each other.

It's time, and today is the day to OWN YOUR JOURNEY and lean into your purpose and dreams.

... this group will give you the courage to follow your heart's yearning and commitment to make it happen while having FUN with other like-minded Bad Ass women!

A 7-month group program for some BADASS women looking to embrace

their brilliance and reach their peak.

If you feel called to up-level how you work and lead, drop me a pm, and let's talk


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