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Autumn is about slowing down and going inside

I love this time of year. To me, autumn is about slowing down and going inside to listen & connect with my Self - my truth, my inner wisdom, my guides.

I’m forever pleasantly surprised by the magic I find when I turn inward.

Often, I am inspired by new ideas I want to set into motion, but not always. Sometimes, going into the quiet can be just that - about enjoying the peace of stillness, feeling the tender feelings, and honoring the often overlooked need for rest. This year in particular, my quiet place reminds me that I am tender and full of gratitude. All I crave is cozying up by the fire and writing without an agenda- simply allowing myself to explore

During this season of darkness, it’s a natural process to go inside, reset, unwind, and dream. It is the perfect time to slow down and follow the pace of nature. Just like the trees pull in their sap and shed their leaves to prepare for winter's slowdown, we must do the same.

I recently learned the term “biomimicry,” which is “the practice of imitating life and nature.” The wilderness is where I always choose to look for wisdom. It is the most potent teacher there is. That’s why I love spending time with the trees, the dirt trails, and the mountains. They all have a story to tell, a lesson to teach. So, let’s take this season of quiet to truly slow down and listen.

At this point, I am not ready to look at my aspirations for 2024. I am still grounded in 2023 and all that has occurred, so - unlike other years when I get clear on my goals and vision for the future - I am listening to my truth and noticing a need for reflection, for presence … a need to simply just BE.

As a society, we feel a collective need to push through the feelings, to get shit done, to power through exhaustion and overwhelm in order to achieve. But is the call to do this coming from INSIDE? Or, are we folding to the pressure of cultural norms and stories that don’t actually align with our truth? So, this season, remember - It's OK to do YOU.

Just slow down and LISTEN.

I have done so many things OUTSIDE of my comfort zone these past 12 months. I took 100 days off, I got on stage for MANY keynote speeches in front of new audiences, I led a Wildleadersip group in the desert, I spoke my mind in a meeting vs staying quiet, and I hiked the Colorado trail for 306 miles alone in the wilderness (BIG ONE!). So it seems natural that during this dark time, I feel drawn to stay IN my comfort zone - filling up my cup. My desires ebb and flow, and, like a river, I follow the flow. I know for sure there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when I feel called to do something that drives me to expand while my mind is screaming, “NO WAY!” but for now, I’m honoring the quiet.

We all want to experience peace, silence, calm, and deep love.

What do you want to experience this autumn? I want you to SLOW DOWN and be honest with yourself about what your soul is whispering to you from the inside. What brings you joy? It may be a big new project or a cup of chamomile tea by the fire with a book.

Please send me a note and share what you notice when you go inside! I truly want to hear and support you just where you are

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