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Break the Rules

So, this week, I found myself in DC, kicking off this year's Future Leaders MBA cohort of 2024. And let me tell you, these folks are the real deal—ambitious, determined, future movers and shakers! But here's the kicker: before they can make a splash out there, they've got to shake things up inside. Yep, leadership starts with working on yourself. It starts with self-awareness, observing our communication, inside talk, beliefs, and thoughts. It's creating who we want to be and the life we desire.

Let me share what I've learned and still practice daily, paving my way to self-awareness, which has created freedom and a life I love.

First things first, I prioritize what I love and crave. Time is our most valuable asset. And I'm not just saying that—I mean it!

Here's how I roll:

  • I soak up time in nature like it's my lifeline.

  • Spiritual stuff? Oh, it's NON-NEGOTIABLE! I meditate daily, chant, take deep breaths, journal, and have regular sessions with my coach, Loick, who's totally revamped my worldview in the past couple of years from the inside out!

  • Family time is #1—especially those rare moments when my kiddos (now 21, 28, and 30!) grace me with their presence.

  • I find my zen when traveling, whether it's business or pleasure.

  • Personal and professional growth- I invest loads of time and $$ into coaching, devouring 3-4 books every month, tuning into podcasts, and then some.

  • And guess what? I work when it suits me, even if that means hustling on weekends or burning the midnight oil so I can hit the trails and run with friends during the weekdays. 

But, it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows... until I had my lightbulb moment.

It's high time we take the reins of our lives instead of letting life and work call the shots.

Now, I craft a schedule that works for ME, knowing full well that's why enriching relationships surround me, and I have blossomed into who I am today. It all starts with what we believe and know is possible. It is giving ourselves permission to break the rules or make up new ones! 

I hear people doubting their ability to shape the life they dream of, stuffing their aspirations back into the sandpit. They often talk about their dreams as some far-off fantasy...

I want us to toss out those old rulebooks governing navigating life and work. The 'shoulds' and 'supposed to be' are total hogwash! Think about it: the endgame is what counts. You can still ace it all but on your own terms.

Case in point: This week, I threw caution to the wind and whisked my daughter away for two spontaneous afternoons of skiing. Talk about breaking the rules! Then, I got back to work when it worked for me.

I know you might be giving me the side-eye right now, thinking, "Well, that's all well and good for you..."

But mark my words; everyone has the potential to sculpt a life that fits like a glove. And what I've fashioned works for me.  Sure, I still grind it out and serve my clients, but what I desire for them to taste is what I'm savoring—freedom.

What if we dared to color outside the lines and paint a different picture altogether? 


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