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Got the Monday Morning Blues?

Some mornings, especially Mondays, can feel like a real struggle. You dive straight into a meeting, and before you know it, the week has taken off, leaving you in a whirlwind of tasks and chaos. Wednesday, the notorious hump day, arrives, and you realize you're only halfway through with less than half your work done. Panic sets in, pressure builds, and productivity takes a hit as you operate from fear. By the time Friday rolls around, you're exhausted and ready for a break, only to repeat the cycle the next Monday. Sound familiar?

But what if there's a better way to kickstart the week with success and clear priorities? Imagine looking back on Friday with pride and celebration for what you've accomplished. It all comes down to intentionality.

This morning, I hosted a 30-minute call for a fantastic group called Thought Leader/Business Accelerator. The goal? To help everyone get laser-focused for the upcoming week. About 20 of us gathered, and it was a blast! I shared why intentionally setting up our weeks is crucial for desired results. We took a moment to center ourselves, similar to a quick meditation, to be present in the moment.

Then, I encouraged everyone to jot down their top three priorities for the week. Not that they won't tackle more, but focusing on these three in detail will make them feel accomplished and proud by Friday. The key? Make it non-negotiable—put it on the calendar!

But the real magic happened when we did it together in the community. Saying it out loud created a deeper commitment. We discussed obstacles openly, realizing we all face similar challenges. I coached them through, focusing on the mindset of being above the line. By the end, everyone felt lighter, engaged, and excited.

This experience got me thinking – what if I could offer something similar to you, my community? Would it be helpful and supportive? Gathering together is powerful, and the energy is contagious. If you're interested, shoot me a PM, and let's explore this together!

Here is a little diddy for your Monday Morning Blues by John Hurt:


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