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Saturday, January 27th
10:00am-1:00pm MT

What if 2024 could be your most incredible year ever?  


It will be IF you slow down and spend time listening to your unique sparkle inside and intentionally creating it.  


What if I told you you could create more peace, happiness, abundance, and confidence?  


Your dreams matter. It doesn't have to be about manifesting physical belongings or specific accomplishments; it's ok to tune into the feelings and experiences you want this year. This time of year is often said to be a time of new beginnings; with the changing of the seasons, we say goodbye to a long, stagnant period and welcome the fiery energy of the sun to propel us forward. This physical change of the seasons is a powerful time to manifest what you want to create.

It's time, and I will guide you as we create together.

Join me on January 27th for the virtual Attune to your Inspiration event, where we will create an intention-based life in 2024. I will share how I attune to inspiration in 2024. Our times together will be a  thoughtful combination of interactive activities, discussions, and practical tips covering:

  • What is inspiration?

  • How to reconnect to the sparkle inside

  • Create more peace

  • Clearly see how you are blocking your inspiration

  • Igniting creativity

  • Re-create your definition of success

  • I will share the daily practices I use to free the wisdom inside of you.

  • Steps to stay inspired and in action to bring your goals to fruition. 

* This is for EVERYONE - if the fee is holding you back from joining PM me. Don't let anything get in your way. 

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