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Draw Outside of the Lines

My teacher scolded me for drawing outside lines in the coloring books in elementary school. On my report card, she said that I had “issues” with hand coordination. She would walk around the room, praising the “good” students who dutifully drew within the lines - the rule followers. They were the A-students who received gold stars on their papers. 

And, I was -  not.

Even at this young, tender age, I felt like I was not good enough and not doing it right. I felt tears well up as I put down my crayons. My self-esteem was in the tank. Soon, I stopped coloring altogether. I believed my teacher when she said I wasn’t “good” at it, even though it filled me with joy and inspiration to splash my crayon wildly all over the page. 

I told myself I could be better at other things - like sports and organizing my desk. I put my crayons down for good.

But who decided that we should draw inside the lines anyway ?!?!

Who decided that that was more beautiful than my page's complimentary flow of colors everywhere? Shouldn’t creativity be about making your own rules and daring to be different? And shouldn’t we honor and celebrate the brave kids who dare to color outside the lines? The ones who make their way in the world? 

Sadly, for me, that was not the case. It was decided from that report card that - I wasn’t the “creative” type. ( … which is funny because my own Dad was an artist! I had it in my genes!!). But that limiting belief followed me for the rest of my life, and I believed that creativity just wasn’t my thing. 

We are taught so many false stories about ourselves as we grow up.  Society reflects who we are and aren’t, and we listen - deep in our bones. I never questioned this story that this elementary school teacher told me I wasn’t an artist - I held that belief for YEARS. 

Until I started questioning everything to find the part of me that knows My Truth, I began to listen to the infinite, knowing deep down inside, and I discovered that  I am an artist. The Truth is - WE are all artists in our unique way.  And honoring that sacred creativity is what keeps us human. 

I let my creativity guide me as I create eccentric retreats in the wilderness. I share this blog to inspire everyone it reaches, including you.  I am in joy and creativity when speaking to audiences and coaching my clients. Those moments when my creativity leads me are the ones where I can see the most significant impact. All along, my creativity was my biggest strength!  

What is the old belief you hold from the past that is not true? 

Trust your soul; She knows best. 


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