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The Sign

One of the gals in my Advanced Tribe had a real moment with "The Sign," a 28-minute gem from the beloved Bluey series on Disney+. She shared with the other women in the group and said, "I feel kinda silly suggesting a cartoon, but it's incredibly heartwarming." And I'm right there with her, 100%. It's not just sweet; it hits on some real grown-up stuff that really hits home.

This episode has become a sensation, with folks everywhere raving about its message and emotional journey. I won't spoil the ending but I'll tell you what hit me personally.

There's this scene where they share stories of things always working out for the best. It's like this nod to a higher power always having our backs. If we accept reality, we'll see it's all for the best. And guess what? The same goes for our lives!

So, where do we lack trust in life? A big hint is when we're stressing over what's happening. Take the mortgage market situation; lots of folks are feeling the pressure with interest rates not budging. But the reality is reality. The more we resist it, the more stressed we become. The key is to roll with it and seek solutions within the reality we're dealt. 

Michael Singer, who wrote one of my favorite books, The Untethered Soul, said it best: 

In my last newsletter, I delved into this concept of trusting life's process, sharing my journey of losing my job in 2017, which was a blessing in disguise. You can read it here

You can catch a clip from the Bluey episode here. Who doesn't have 28 minutes for a big life lesson?

Remember: Life has its mysterious ways of always working for us.


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