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Embracing Leadership Starts with YOU

Today marked the kick-off of the MBA’s 2024 Future Leaders program! WOO HOO!Teaching this class brings me immense joy as I share novel ideas and concepts that often challenge students to reflect deeply. I learn so much from each student and situation.  A cornerstone of teaching the program involves a leadership 360 assessment, forcing participants to confront their current leadership presence honestly, as well as feedback from peers and managers. It can be challenging to face our flaws and gaps.  This process, though uncomfortable, takes a tremendous amount of courage. This honest look in the mirror is crucial for personal and professional growth.

“First, be a leader of yourself. Only then can you grow to lead others.”

David Taylor-Klaus.

Every year before delving into teaching, I looked deeply at myself and asked the tough questions because there is always a lot to learn! 

I ask:

  • Am I embodying the leadership I aspire to be right now?

  • Where did I not do my best last year?

  • How do I inspire myself and others?

  • How do I want to show up for myself, my colleagues, and the participants?

  • How has my understanding of leadership evolved from last year to today?

To me, leadership is about always being better the next time. Leadership demands both courage and insight, not only from the students but from the teacher as well. To foster development, I commit to personal growth by addressing uncomfortable truths. If the answers reveal shortcomings, I identify the obstacles hindering my progress, and frequently, that is ME! Leadership starts with self-awareness; if I teach it, I better do it! 

Ask yourself honestly, are you reflecting and slowing down to see where you can improve and be better? Or do you think you're pointing at others' flaws? What changes are required, and are you willing to take ownership and action immediately?

As leaders, we influence others, and it's imperative to evaluate whether our influence stems from commanding and controlling or from leading with love and intention. We must pause, embrace silence, and reflect to tackle these profound questions. Personally, I find solace and clarity in nature, where I can slow down into self-discovery and honesty. Answers always come when I am in nature, and I can follow my intuition and inner guidance.

Where is that place for you?


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