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I recently shared an article about integrity with one of my advanced leadership groups. As we discussed it, the women in the group shared that they started questioning their integrity with themselves. I felt the same after re-reading this article for the seventh time.


 I asked myself the tricky question:


Am I really in integrity? 


Honestly, the answer was NO!


Sometimes, we fall off the wagon with things that are most important to us. 


Here are a few examples:


I made an oath to myself to meditate + my spiritual practices every morning first thing… oops! 

I promised myself I would write daily and continue working on my book. Have I …Nope.

I vowed to drink more water, at least 64 oz each day. Did I …. No

I missed a deadline I set for myself to write this article two days ago! 


I am sharing these vulnerable truths because: 


We all make mistakes. 


 It is all part of learning and evolving. It's life school. 


But here is the thing. We simply need to remember and choose to recommit. The good news is we can continually recommit to what we want, and when we are clear enough, we stick with it more each time we recommit. Beating ourselves up about it is NOT helpful. Realizing and becoming aware of what we want is a practice and a lesson.


We can let it go, get back on the horse of what we truly desire, and forgive ourselves when we forget. 

Embrace your humanness.


If you're like me, you have SO many ideas and things you want to create and accomplish (above the line) that you become overwhelmed, drop into victimhood (below the line), and sometimes throw up your hands and give up. 


It’s okay! Simple choose again

There is no good reason that we avoid or " forget" our commitments. Sometimes, life takes over, and we forget our priorities and have to choose again and again. 


Are you in integrity with what you really want? With what is most important? I would love to hear. Together we can reach our peak!


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