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Thoughts from the Trail

2021 Update: I’m shaking things up this year. … what about you?

On Jan 1st, 2021, I stood in front of my white board with an hour blocked on my calendar to work on my creative business planning for 2021. This is a process I love, and I look forward to- What do I feel excited about this year? Where am I today and where do I want to be in a year- people served, goals, etc.

But on this day, I just stared as a blank white board and felt uninspired and flat. Then I remember when I was listening to a podcast where Tony Robbins was interviewing Sara Blakely the previous weekend. If you don’t know her you should- Sara is one of my hero’s! She is the founder and CEO of SPANX and the youngest female billionaire. She is fearless, relentless, humble, authentic, and I love hearing her perspective on being a badass woman in business (little does she know we are BFF’s!)

One of the things she mentioned in the interview was how her “think time” is non-negotiable. She blocks her calendar two times a week on Monday and Wednesday for time alone to muse/ponder/contemplate which is both strategic and intentional. Her “think time” is when she is driving and although she has a ten-minute commute, she will create an hour drive to give her this space she needs.

She expressed how this time by herself to explore her thoughts is the time when new ideas come or solutions to problems. It helps her think through strategy, crucial conversations all before specific meetings where she is expected to talk about these things. And this is a woman who is EXTREMELY BUSY!! And she schedules this time every week

It got me thinking - where do I come up with my most creative ideas? Where am I when the juices are flowing and ideas spring into my mind without effort, as if from somewhere outside of me? Where am I most connected to my intuition? I knew my magic place immediately. I have heard people say their best ideas come in the shower or gardening. Mine is without a doubt on the trails out in nature in the fresh air and surrounded by magnificent tall pine trees.

So, I walked away from the office and white board and decided to hit the trail and see what happened. The mission of this particular think session was to explore how I can bring what I am passionate about into my business. I love the wilderness, exploring new places pushing my body, being quiet, slowing down and sharing this with others.

Sure enough I came up with some fantastic new ideas. The name for my next Women’s group came through so clearly. Hint: It’s going to combine leadership, coaching, & community with my favorite element of all - time spent in nature! … more details to come soon :)

I had an aha moment where I realized that I use to feel guilty going for a run like I was sneaking away (from what I don’t know, since I own my own company! .. crazy how we can come up with these stories that fuel our guilt, huh?). But, this time I was able to see so clearly that this time on the trail is an important part of my creative process. I’m not sneaking away to run, I’m showing up to my creative process when I hit the trail! I’m out here getting sh*t done, while enjoying nature and nurturing myself.

So ask yourself- where do you come up with your best ideas?

Do you carve our time to think and be creative?

Let’s commit to each other to put more "Trail* Time" on our calendars (*insert your creative space here - whether it’s a long drive, a yoga practice, a gym session, mornings with your notebook, etc!) I can’t wait to see what creativity will flow when we get out of our own way and make the space for the ideas to flow!

Together, we can reach our peak.

~ Bronwyn


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