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What does Gratitude feel like?

There’s always so much to be grateful for! For me personally, I feel gratitude when I connect with nature, when I spend time with my family & friends, and when I make time to slow down and check in with myself. I feel grateful when my husband gently wakes me with a yummy mug of hot coffee each morning. I am also so thankful to all of YOU for being part of this community. Lately, I have been asking myself:

What does Gratitude feel like inside our bodies?

I created time to slow down and sit with this question after hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this week. In the past, I would feel rushed and overwhelmed when preparing the feast for a large group. But this year, I felt calm and slowed down. I chose to show up differently, and it paid off. The meal was delicious. We shared joy and moments of giggles. We cleaned the kitchen with a team effort. It all felt easy, and for this, I was grateful.... and this time, I slowed down enough to really feel into it. It feels like warmth and emotion; my heart swells, and there is peace.

It feels like love.

That's because it is the sister to LOVE. They go hand in hand. I deeply desire you to know this feeling for yourself because it is a gift you already have. Honestly, I don't know anyone who doesn't want to feel more love! It may feel different for you than it does for me, and that's fine. We are all beautifully unique. There is no right or wrong. Love and gratitude are abundant inside you all the time. This is an awareness practice. Once you know the feeling of it as a memory, you can tap into it anytime you need it.

Slow down, close your eyes, and try it.


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