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Nudges From Life

Life sometimes gives us a sign or a nudge when we are not listening. It can feel like we are the ball in a pinball machine being redirected repeatedly so we get back on track and avoid dropping into the slot of doom. 

This quote rings true:

“To give time to what is valuable to you, you must stop giving time to what isn’t.” 


I have come to know and believe that we are here to share our gifts and true selves. For me, that is my love of nature and the spiritual connection I experience when I am among the trees. 

Three years ago, I was working on creating my next women's leadership group when the obvious struck me: “Why am I not sharing what I love and do EVERYDAY, walking in nature, with my people?” 

From that thought, my first wilderness group was created. I was inspired, did a little research on logistics, and everything else fell into place. It filled up in a few short weeks. I loved every minute of the experience. I loved teaching about the wonders of nature, how she talks to us when we listen, and how we can slow down to come home to our true selves (which we rarely do because we are so busy!). Nature teaches us harmony, which we can see in every flower that is created with perfection. (both images from my walk this morning). This is how I know for certain this is where I need to focus my time and attention. It feels effortless. 

The simple act of moving in nature is divine. It touches your soul and heart, and we could all use more of that right now in this crazy, wild world. 

Recently, I was feeling off track. I left my corporate life 7 years ago and there are times when the shiny penny of a J.O.B. feels like hitting the easy button. But if I am honest, that would be the impossible button. It’s not who I am anymore. I don’t speak the corporate language anymore. It’s not where my heart is today. When I feel myself leaning that way, I get the nudge, which often feels like a shove to move past! I can tell because it feels like I am moving through molasses, like a bad dream. As humans, we have free will which means if we want to badly enough, we can follow the old patterns and the dollar signs; we have the right. 

But Life will keep nudging.

I am listening and returning home to myself and remembering my true nature. For me, it is to be IN nature, inspired by nature, working in nature, sharing the magic of nature's whispers, which is doing what I love and doesn’t feel like work at all. I could do it all day so I know I am in the right place, that I am in flow. Life’s flow. 

We have to trust our inner guide. Life keeps directing us back to what is most important; she always does. She knows best. The question is:

Are we listening?

I would love to hear your truth if you are willing to share.


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