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Time to get off Auto-Pilot

Question - does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?

You wake up in the morning feeling groggy, roll out of bed after hitting snooze more than once, then stumble to the bathroom, make your magic coffee pill, eat something (maybe?), and check your phone. Next thing you know, you are responding to emails, texts and starting to worry about the tasks and to do’s a head of you today.

An hour has passed and now you’re rushing and feeling stressed, and you haven’t even noticed that you’re on autopilot. This day feels like every other day and 10% of your day is now gone and you didn’t even notice it.

Welcome to the Autopilot Club

You’re not alone. Most of us operate this way out of habit. We continue our day like this, as a long chain of back-to-back meetings, checking tasks, responding to emails, and so on. We stumble through the motions without pausing once to intentionally thinking about what is happening. We watch entire days pass by without really being in the moment.

If this feels really true for you, you might be thinking, "So, Bronwyn - what should we DO about it??"

They key is to changing this habitual Autopilot flow, and instead re-imagining the way that we start our day. It's about re-wiring our daily habits. Instead of jump starting Autopilot mode with our daily "snooze button," why don't we try to bring some intention into our morning? What about, even, some joy and gratitude and stillness?

So, let's try this:

  • STOP, and leave the phone on airplane mode - take back your morning before diving in.

  • Take a pause and breath- 5 minutes is all I ask… if you do this daily at the end of 6 months you will have given yourself a gift of 912 minutes of “me time”. Over 15 hours!

  • Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper – write what you want to feel at the end of the day. What is the 1 thing that would know you fulfilled your priority today. This is NOT a to do list- but more of an intention setting for your day, a declaration of what you will create with the gift that is today.

  • Look around you----and if possible, look far into the distance – studies show that there are huge benefits to doing this called Horizon gazing. Our ancestors would have gazed at the horizon and widened their peripheral vision as much as possible in order to scan the landscape for threats.

Try one of these or all of them… but try SOMETHING.

It's time to take ownership of creating your life and your success!


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